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Discover the secrets the cosmetics companies are frantically keeping from you ...., and forever be free from the agonies of wrinkles and other signs of aging.


All those secrets are buried in the body of this page. People call their mistakes "experience". But the only experience that is worth having is learning from other peoples' experience. And that's why this site was set up.

Welcome on board.



   Does any of the following sound familiar?            

         Have you ever bought an expensive anti-aging cream, that didn't just work?

         Have you ever purchased a costly anti-wrinkle cream that works for a while then stops?

         Have you ever had an anti-aging cream that suddenly start to change color?

         Have you ever suffered skin irritation as a result of using anti-wrinkle cream?

         Have you ever been confused with the terminologies and jargons on the label of anti-aging cream jar?

  • Have you ever used an anti-wrinkle cream that tends to increase rather than decrease your wrinkles?



If you answer yes to any of the questions above, then you are a qualified candidate for what I have to offer. But before I go on, you should know why the issues raised in the question above on anti-wrinkle treatments using topical creams are so prevalent.


How a friend's predicament inspired me into helping women fight wrinkles   


I have a friend whose name is Angela. She is a beautiful and a   passionate woman as far as retaining her youth is concerned. Angela was in her late 30s, and just like many of her age she was worried about wrinkles forming on her face at more than a normal rate. As at the last count before my intervention she had tried virtually all anti-aging creams in the market. She surfed the net regularly to lay her hands on skin care products that will address  her wrinkles.


 ..and she spent, and spent endlessly and needlessly on "miracle" anti-wrinkle creams in jars, yet nothing happened


Angela was spending about $300 on average every month to test one anti-aging product or buy another new anti-wrinkle products. I did not know the hell she was going through, until she came to my house one day with a big box. When I came down to meet her she was already sitting on my dining table with the contents of the box emptied on the table. I asked her what the drama was all about, and she said " Ade, you're a scientist, and I've come to show you that your profession is nothing but an enterprise of lies". I told her there are different branches of science, and that my kind of science may have nothing to do with other people's form of science. She said "but you're a biochemist, and it is your brand of science that comes up with formulae for cosmetics products including anti-wrinkle creams". She went on "how on earth are you people making your livelihood on people's calamity without providing solution?"


She now pointed at the heaps of  anti-wrinkle jars and bottles on the table. She said she has been trying all of them for the past one year. By now she reckoned she had spent several thousands, and she has nothing to show for her investments. I knew she was right by looking at her face. Her face was all wrinkled, her neck was begging for help from the menace of aging. Angela now wanted to know why all the products she had spent several thousand of dollars buying did not work, or why some worked for a while then stops being effective. At this stage I felt sorry for Angela, stream of  tears has now started rolling down her cheeks.


I told her there're several reasons why a specialty cream like anti-aging treatment would not work. I promised to take her behind the curtain and reveal the secrets cosmetics companies are hiding from people. I promised her that after the revelation she will never spend a cent to buy anti-wrinkle cream again. I then said ..


 .... "first thing first, you have to throw all your      anti-wrinkle creams  away!"


Angela agreed. She threw all her worthless anti-aging therapy creams away, and for a period of two weeks I spared the time to show her the chemistry of interaction between chemicals which form the basis for specialty creams to be effective or not to be effective.



 And she gained more than a theory

This woman gained more than learning why cream formulation works. She was also thought how to be a cosmetic company herself. I thought her the art of mixing chemicals together to form different extra-potent anti-aging creams

Ever since that encounter, Angela has been producing her own anti-wrinkle creams. She now enjoys a smooth face, radiant skin, and an ageless personality while she keeps working to improve on the things I thought her.

After this experience, Angela threw a challenge at me  ".....you do not know the extent of the impact you made in my life in this past weeks, but I want to assure you it is very huge. I'm a happier person now because of how I look, but my happiness will not be full if you do not make what you have given me available to other women around the globe...


....Please teach them too. Let them also know how easy it is to make their own anti-wrinkle creams, and save them from endless exploitation from the big multi-national cosmetic companies''.


Your reading this page today is the fulfillment of the promise I made to Angela. I told her I would make such knowledge available to every woman who is willing to look beautiful and ageless, and above all ready to learn just like her.


I will share with you some of what I shared with Angela on why most anti-aging creams would not work.


You need to understand this fundamental question before you can really grasp the underlining principles of why you should throw away your cosmetic anti-aging cream


Why your anti-aging skin care products don't work

You buy skin care products in order to derive anti-aging benefits from them. But sadly in most instances what do you get? Ineffective products.

You will then ask the question like Angela did. Why don't they work? This explanation will buttress my point on why you should throw away your anti-aging creams if you want to look ageless and more beautiful.

The most common reasons why anti-wrinkles creams don't work are:


Such anti-aging skin care products don't have any active ingredients that can help slow down the   process of skin aging in them.



Such anti-wrinkle skin care products do possess   active ingredients, but such substances are present   in too low a concentration to give any meaningful or significant anti aging benefits.

I tell you what, most cosmetics companies, if not all are guilty of these  sins.  The two outlined factors are  practiced by  these companies to cut  cost , and thereby maximizing profits.

 The cosmetics company do not want you to have the knowledge of these two important aspects of their operation. That's why you are bombarded with all kinds of jargons as ingredients on the labels of cosmetic jars.


.....and here are other reasons why your anti-wrinkle  creams won't work



You know what? Everything in the world has a lifespan. The chemicals used in skincare products are no exceptions. They start to deteriorate or decay with time. These anti-aging compounds are even more susceptible to decay because they react with water, which is a major component in their formulation. They react with air when you open the jar, and they also react with one another to give entirely different products, which have nothing to do with anti-aging. These products of decay may also be toxic.


Why are cosmetic companies guilty again in this regards?

You see, for any anti-wrinkle skin care treatment to show any reasonable effects, the active ingredients in such skin care products must remain very purely active, Once such ingredients or chemicals begin to  decay, they also start to to lose their benefits or activity as it is known in science world. If by any chance you buy and use such anti-aging creams, not only will they not work, but you also stand the risk of damaging your skin from toxic substances  which came about from decay and other chemical reactions.


          It is getting more interesting now!


Most of the creams you buy have expired before they get to your hands

My friend, did you know that most skin care products you pick off the shelf from stores or online have been produced several months or years in advance? What that simply translates to is that most, if not all the active ingredients would have decayed before such products get into your hands. You would have noticed too that most skin care products don't state expiry dates. If labels on anti-wrinkle creams correctly state the expiry date. What it means is simply that beyond the stated date, the individual or combined components of the products will not give the desired results. And of course, such skin care products may become harmful after the expiry date. Yes, I mean very harmful, and dangerously toxic.



Does your government care about your skin?


Your government pays a world of attention to food industry regarding compliance with safety. That is not surprising. Failure to observe safety regulations by food companies will generally lead to outbreaks of diseases in the population, which may subsequently result in many deaths. The food companies are therefore constantly on their toes. They know any shortcomings on their parts on food safety will result in summary closure of their companies, and may also attract heavy fines from the relevant  government agencies. The food companies are therefore extra careful: they obey regulations regarding expiry dates, they follow laws guiding withdrawal and recall of expired, or defective products.


 Do we have same duty of  care in the skin care industry?


The answer to that question is capital NO. In the cosmetic industry the story is totally different. As rightly stated earlier; most of the anti-aging creams you buy have been manufactured months or years before they get into your hands. By that time all the active ingredients in them would have expired if they have any in them in the first place. The cosmetics companies want to maximize profits. They do not want to run at a loss, therefore they will not withdraw or recall expired products. Those that have been stored in their warehouses for years will only have to be transferred into new jars with different labels for vulnerable consumers like you and me. No government agencies will go after them because if a skin care product does not work, all you need to do is throw it away, and buy another brand, probably from same manufacturer. No government agencies will go after skin care manufacturers because irritations to our skins will not lead to death. Therefore, we have been conditioned to accept any garbage that comes in the name of anti-aging cream treatment


Exposure to air also accelerates  the decay of your expensive       anti-  aging skin care products.


Did you also also know that when you open your skin care jar, the contact the chemical components of the product make with the air speeds up the decay of the product?  


That phenomenon of decay when a substance comes in contact with air is what scientists refer to as oxidation. Because of this same oxidation, your skin care product changes its color. When you notice any change in color of any of your beauty care products, you should immediately discard it. Why? Because decay has set in. Such a beauty care product would have lost its potency, and the tendencies that the anti-aging item would be potentially harmful is very high.


So what is the way out?

The importance of anti-wrinkle creams in anti-aging skin care regimen is of vital importance that you can't do without them if you are to look younger and maintain a radiant skin. But now, what do you do when you can't assure the potency of both the expensive and not so costly skin products?



Now! here is the way out!!

  • O.k. Come to think of it, if you actually need an effective anti-aging skin care you can really boast about, who is the best person to make that product?


  • If you are after an anti-wrinkle cream you can really beat your chest about, who is most qualified to produce such a wonderful beauty care product?


  • Again, if you want a potent skin care treatment in the form of a cream that will clear your wrinkles away, and will deliver those promises all the creams you have been using promised without being able deliver them, where will you look?


My friend, the only anti-aging cream you can vouch for its effectiveness is the one you make by yourself, with your own hands. You may say "did I hear you well? Me, to make anti-aging cream. You must be joking. I don't even know anything about chemistry or chemical."

I will urge you to relax. You heard me well. You are going to start making your own anti-wrinkle skin care products right in your own kitchen. You do not need to know anything about science or chemistry. I tell you, by the time I'm through with tutoring you, you would be a guru in skin care production. If you know one or 2 things about chemicals, all well and good. On the other hand, if you know absolutely nothing about chemicals, don't be despair for a second. I'm a scientist, and have been in anti aging industry for over two decades, with extensive experience in cosmetics formulations, and production. I've learned the rope for you, and I'll take you through the process of making your own anti-wrinkle creams without a drop of sweat.

I have simplified the method of how you will go about it to be easier than A B C . In fact the only qualification you need to become an expert is the ability to read. I'm assuring you, it is as simple as that. If you're reading this page, then you're more than qualified to make your own anti-aging skin care products. And even produce to sell and make some money.



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      You gotta love this

You may ask "Okay, what are the advantages I'll derive from making my own anti-aging creams by myself?"

That is a strange question considering all what I've been saying since.

Alright, if you must know, there are many benefits attached to making your own anti-aging cream by yourself. Here are some of them for your enjoyment:


You can be sure of its effectiveness: Yes, when you produce  your own anti-aging treatment by yourself, you can vouch for its potency, because I trust you would add enough active ingredients to which will give the right concentration without cutting corners. This would give you a product of desired strength.



Huge savings:  You would spend 20 times less on anti aging skin care cream if you produce them by yourself. If you produce your own anti-aging creams, you will be surprised at how much you will be saving on what you're presently spending on creams to keep you young. You will agree with me that prices of anti-wrinkle creams range from $20 to $100, and even up to $200 per jar of about 50ml. If you're in doubt click around the internet. I will teach you how to spend just a tiny fraction of what you're currently spending on your anti-aging treatment. In fact you will be spending over twenty times less. That is a promise.



Ever fresh products: The fear of buying skin care products with decayed active ingredients will never arise. You will be making your own anti-aging creams fresh in small batches as required.



No time to decay: Because you make your cream in small batches, they will be used up relatively faster. Probably in few weeks, and definitely not in months. Therefore, the skin care ingredients would not have time to disintegrate or decay.



I have made it damn too easy to make: As I've said before, you don't need to be a scientist or master the chemistry Periodic Table. You don't even need to know what an atom, or element is. Why? Because I've done all the ground work for you. I'm a scientist with master's degree in Biochemistry and a member of many professional bodies including Australian Institute of Medical Scientists, and Australian Institute of Environmental Health just to name a few. So, be rest assured you're in a safe hand.




That's me working with all precision, getting all    the  formulations right in the laboratory for you





You will discover how to avoid the hardest part of production of skin care products: The most tedious aspect of beauty care production is the mixing of different chemicals, fillers, and carriers. In this direct, explicit and concise book, you will discover how to avoid this complex stage because someone else has done it for you. This makes the entire process damn too easy to follow and execute. You would be introduce the concept of "base creams".



It takes just a little time to get the creams prepared; you won't believe it: Contrary to what you might have taught, making your own skin care products takes a pretty little time. And what's more? It's highly rewarding as well. By the time you start doing it by yourself, you will understand what I mean. I can compare the time it will take you to make your anti-wrinkle cream to be less than the time you will normally take to dry your hair in the hairdresser's salon.


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Why the big boys in cosmetic  industry don't like me

I tell you I'm not the most loved person by those in beauty & cosmetic industry. I've been variously accused of divulging privileged information. You know what? I'm not in the least moved. Cosmetic companies did not sponsor my education through college. The knowledge I acquire by bending myself backward through rigorous laboratory experiments are absolutely mine, and I can put it to use in whatever way I deem fit within the framework of ethical standards.


I have packaged everything for you; ready to go!


I have compiled many easy to follow formulations for you.



I have arranged in logical pattern the different forms of anti-aging creams.



I have organized in sensible fashion how you would use the cream you make in order to achieve the best result in skin aging retardation.



I've listed for you the simple kitchen items you would need to make these powerful creams.



I've outlined the step by step guide for you to make high quality anti-aging creams


How about obtaining the raw materials?

That's the easiest thing in the world. I'll show you how can obtain the few ingredients you need at the corner of your street. All the active ingredients are right near you. You would be surprised at how easy is it for you to lay your hands them.


Here are powerful anti-aging formulae for you

You have absolutely nothing holding you back from looking young, and maintaining firm, smooth, and glowing skin. All you need to do is follow the easy step-by-step procedures, and the promises made by multi-national skin care companies without their being able to deliver them will be totally yours. I will give you a sampling of what to expect in this powerful anti-aging compilations.



Meet some of the most powerful anti-aging formulations

I will teach you how to make the following anti-wrinkle creams, and much more. You will calculate how much you would be saving in terms of dollar and cents.

Vitamin C serum/gel

Vitamin C is a powerful water soluble antioxidant that destroys free radicals (chemical substances  responsible for accelerating wrinkle formation, and speeding up aging) in your skin cells.


Without being sure of its potency, you will buy a jar     of 50ml of vitamin C for between $40 - $120. That sounds massive.



I will teach you how to make this powerful vitamin C anti-aging cream. Guess what? You will only spend only $2 to make it yourself. You will save between $38 to $118. That is a huge saving on a skin care item. Plus you can guarantee its effectiveness 100%


Vitamin E cream

This is another power-packed antioxidant that works wonder in the lipid or fat soluble portion of your cells. Vitamin E cream will retard skin aging process by scavenging free radicals. This cream will promote youthfulness and radiant skin.


You will pay between $10 - $50 to get your hand on a   50 ml jar of vitamin E cream. You're not in a position to know if this product will work or not until after you use.



I will teach you how to make this potent vitamin E skin care product for just $3. You will save between $8 to $48. Plus you can guarantee its effectiveness 150%


DMAE cream

DMAE stands for dimethylaminoethanol. This powerful anti-aging cream is immensely beneficial in firming the skin, and preventing facial sag. I f you dream of being ageless, you should give DMAE cream a go. So what do you get as a bargain?


Without assurance for its effectiveness, you will part with between $40 t0 $80 for just 50ml jar of DMAE.



I promise to teach you how to make this DMAE cream, and without any stress you spend just $4. You will save from $36 to $76 cash. Plus, you can be sure of the strength of what you produce. Its guarantee will be the value you place on it. Over 100% guarantee for sure.


Alpha Lipoic Acid cream

If you've not heard about alpha lipoic acid cream as a potent tool in anti-aging therapy, then you probably have not started on your journey to becoming ageless, and being wrinkle free. But not to worry, I'm introducing it to you here.

Alpha lipoic acid is known to be soluble in both the water and lipid portions of your cells. That includes the cells of your skin. This extra-powerful anti-aging cream fiercely battles both the individual and collective chemical entities responsible for wrinkles, fine lines, furrows, and other internal factors that promote rapid aging.


Alpha lipoic acid anti-aging cream will cost you $40 to $150 if you're to pick it from the shop or online. And again, even those who manufactured it will not give you guarantee of its effectiveness. So, why spend your hard earned money on it?



With no hassles of whatever kind, I will teach you how to make this exceptionally powerful anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream. And guess what you will spend? My friend, you will spend less than $8 to make a jar of 50ml. You will save between $32 to $142. If you talk of massive savings, there's one for you. Plus, the potency is guarantee at 1000%


Coenzyme Q10 cream

This is yet another super strength anti-aging skin care cream. This particular cream acts like a double edged sword in protecting you from skin degeneration which is exhibited as wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Firstly, coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 as it is popularly known serves as a powerful antioxidant. It neutralizes dangerous free radicals which accelerate aging process. Secondly it helps the cells to produce what is known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This ATP is what the cells use as energy. In this role, CoQ10 will therefore assists the cells to generate energy, which will translate into benefits such as improved skin texture, enhanced elasticity, and rapid reduction in the formation of wrinkles. CoQ10 therefore dramatically retards the aging process.


How much will this cream cost you if you want to buy from the the store on from the net? You will pay between $15 to $40 for a 50ml jar of the cream. Don't forget, you can't vouch for its effectiveness.



On the other hand, if you want the full benefits of CoQ10  cream, backed by 100% guarantee, I will teach you how to go about it in your kitchen. You will master how to make this amazing anti-wrinkle skin care in no time. And it will cost you below $5 to produce. What a deal! Plus, you can guarantee its effectiveness 1000%. And  you will save between $10 to $30.


Retinol anti-aging cream

Retinol is the same as vitamin. It is a wonderful anti-wrinkle cream. It functions by attacking age-accelerating free radicals. it also helps to protect the health of your skin.


To buy retinol cream from retail outlet or online, you will pay between $25 to $50. Mind you, no guarantee of whatever kind that it will work.



It will cost you just $3 to produce, after I teach you the tricks behind the production of this terrific retinol anti-aging cream. Its effectiveness is totally guaranteed. You will save between $22 and $48.


Lycopene anti-wrinkle cream

Lycopene cream is yet another powerful tool in anti-aging therapy. It is derived from plant pigment which belong to the class known as carotene. Lycopene cream is a powerful antioxidant. It scavenges free radicals . At the same time it also has some properties that enable it to effectively block UV rays. In other words lycopene cream can act as a sunscreen. You will discover the power in lycopene cream in my book.


To buy a skin care product that contain lycopene, you will part with between $20 to $30. How about the effectiveness? You can 't  guarantee it.



I will teach you how to be an expert in making this cream. You will spend less than $4 to make skin care with this lycopene . You will save $16 to $26. Plus, its effectiveness is guarantee.


Now it is getting better, and even more interesting

Be prepared to make creams in combination of ingredients   

The package you've read so far is by no means all what you will get from this one in town book. I will take you a step further to reveal to you how you can make combination anti -aging skin care. This aspect is generally too slippery for non specialist in cosmetic formulations. There are many reasons for this. One of such is the difference in solubility of the constituent ingredients. I've conquered this barrier of impossibility for you. I've simplified the process to easy to follow step-by-step procedures.

Your mind will simply be blown away at how simple this complex methodology is presented in my book.


Unearth the anti-aging power in combination creams

The beauty in combination anti-aging cream lies in its amazing  power to harness the individual strength of its component ingredients. These ingredients come together to wage a lasting battle against aging process in your skin.

Without much ado, I will now introduce you to some of those that you will come across in my book. You will be empowered to produce this combination cream confidently, thereby taking your attack on skin aging process a step further. Here is a taste of what to expect.


Vitamin E & Retinol combination cream

This combination cream adds the supreme anti-aging properties of the two substances: vitamin E, and retinol.


Sparse amounts of these powerful ingredients in some anti-wrinkle creams will easily sell for between $30 to $100. Now, you can't be sure the cream will work.



I will teach you to make this combination cream with all ease. You will be an expert in just a short while. And what's more? You will make the cream with less than $5. You will save between $25 and $95. And its effectiveness? You bet, it can be guaranteed.


DMAE & alpha lipoic acid cream

The combination of DMAE and alpha lipoic acid is one of the strongest alliance of chemical compounds that is doing untold damage to the forces that promote aging on your entire body skin in general, and on your facial skin in particular.

By the time you make this skin care product by yourself, and experience its full benefits, just like 1001s women around the world, you will send me a personal mail acknowledging and praising its effectiveness to high heavens. I promise you that. you will not be an exception.

The combined properties of these two anti-aging cream combat wrinkles to a standstill. As a matter of fact, without exaggeration, this skin care product will battle wrinkles till they surrender. I'm assuring you, with this super combination, premature aging will never be your portion. Your face shall glow like a diamond, and aging will keep its distance from your skin.  


For you to have equivalent effects of this combination cream in the shop or over the net, you will definitely part with $150 minimum.



I will teach you how to produce this cream rigth in the comfort of your home without any dramas. Your cost of production will be a meager $8, leaving a whooping $142 in your pocket. Who can beat that?

Yes! Who can beat that? If you use up this cream in 2 weeks, that means in a year you will be saving 52/2 X $142 = $3,692. Yes, you will be saving $3,692 per annum.

Plus, you can guarantee its effectiveness 1000%




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So, how much will this complete anti-aging package cost you?

If you think of the savings you will be reaping from your regular anti-aging treatment, then this package is worth thousands of dollars. Remember, the savings we are talking about is continuous in nature. You may never need to buy an anti-wrinkle cream again for the rest of your life once you get the hang of the different creams.

So, how much am I selling this incomparable Do It Yourself package? $200? of course not. I'm not even going to sell it for $100, neither will I sell it for for $70. I will give it away for $45.67

Yes, all what you will benefit from the package will only cost you $45.67

But wait a minute. If you order now, I will not sell it for $45.67 again. I will sell it for just $35.67, and in addition I will give you some bonuses that you will never find  anywhere. And I mean it. You will never find these bonuses elsewhere.


Take a look at the bonuses worth over $200


Have you ever heard of how you can use magnet to enhance your beauty, and perpetuate youthful looks?

If you have not, don't worry, don't worry. This is one of the bonuses you will get free of charge. Ordinarily, this will cost you $50.


Have you heard of magnetized water and its benefits before?

If  you have not heard about this, again you do not have anything to worry about. You will not only get to know all about magnetized water and the many health benefits you can derive from it, but you will also be thought how to make your own magnetized water, and live a healthy life throughout your sojourn on earth.

You will cough out $80 to get this. But if you buy now you will get it free of charge.


Myths and facts about sunscreen, and SPF. Discover the reality and illusions about sunscreen and sun protection factor (SPF).

You will pay $45 to get this. But here you will get it for free if you buy now.


Power of antioxidants unearthed. You will discover immeasurable power of antioxidants, and how you can benefit  from them.

This will cost you $30. But you get it free.


Imagine all these bonuses, plus the one in town anti-aging formulations for just $35.67 . But that is only if you buy now. the offer is for a limited town. You may return to this page tomorrow, and find the price has returned to $35.67, and the bonuses withdrawn.



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Here are some testimonials from customers like you






Hey Ade,

I want to be brutally honest with you. The day I bought your book, I was very, very skeptical. I never read it for a week. Until at last, my husband teased me, and joked about my being afraid to try new things. I immediately swung into action, bought the ingredients, produced many creams, but eventually settled for alpha lipoic acid cream. Boy! did I make a good choice? You can bet your life on it. I've been using this cream, and the result is absolutely fantastic. I watch my wrinkles disappear day after day. I now enjoy smooth, firmed skin on my face and neck.

If you're reading this testimonial, and you have need to keep wrinkles away, I'll recommend this book for you. The price is entirely nothing compared to what you will gain from it. As a matter of fact, it is like having a lifetime opportunity to remain young thrown at you free of charge.

Every woman in her mid-twenties and above should have a copy of this book

Thanks Ade.

Sue Adams, (Paris, France)



Hello Ade,

I was surprised to discover how easy it is to make one's own anti-aging lotion. If someone told me I could get all I need to make a skincare cream over the counter I would have argued, but that is exactly what happened. I am now a mini-consultant to my friends on looking younger. After few weeks of consistent use, the results blew not only my mind, but that of my husband. You know what? I no longer enjoy uninterrupted sleep at night again, and am loving it.

Emilia Norman (Manchester, UK )



Dear Ade,

This is just to say thanks for your book. My life has been turned around for good. I am 41 years, but looked 50. After buying your book and trying my hands on the different formulations. I got the ones right for me and started using them. After a period of time I got my years back and started looking 41 again. I am still continuing with my production and applications religiously, and now I'm turning the clock back.

Sarah Samson, (Cairo, Egypt)



Dear Ade,

My question is "where have you been all these years? and "why have I not got to know about your book earlier"?

Tracy Jones, (Ohio, USA)



Hi Ade,

I now believe answers to most of our prayers in life are so simple. Your book gave me my life back. Thank you.

Mariam Warren, (Auckland, New Zealand)



Dear Ade,

Do you have other books on beauty and cosmetics? Please send me an email detailing all the books you ever wrote. I will personally be your unofficial marketer and distributor. Your book is concise, straight to the point without beating about the bush with worthless bonuses. I now manufacture my own creams and sell some to friends and family. Thanks to you.

Joyce Williams, (Los Angeles, USA)



Hello Ade,

I bought your book reluctantly, hoping I will later find reason to return it and claim refund. But, the materials in your book is helpful beyond description. I make my own anti-aging cream now without a sweat. What I never dreamt of ever doing. I have saved thousands of dollars on anti-wrinkle products.

I'm now thinking of commercializing my expertise. If I could buy creams, I can also sell mine.

Amanda Collins, (Berlin, Germany)




100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

So, what's stopping you from grabbing this fantastic book? What's stopping you from saving thousands of dollars right now from buying ineffective anti-wrinkle creams? What's stopping from having a smooth face which your friends will simply associate with facelift from plastic surgery. Now is the time to let your face shine. Today is the day of making a decision to start a new beginning in your beauty care routine. Today is the time to commence the pronouncement of bye bye to wrinkles, and aging.


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